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Mediterranean Menu



Chef Bryan Au’s healthy dessert recipe was a big hit among Inside Track readers when we published it in last week’s newsletter, so we thought we’d include another healthy dish this week. 
This time it comes from Leader Christopher Daly, the founder of Hip4Kids, a New York-based nonprofit education company that teaches children and their families about making healthy lifestyle choices, including in the kitchen. Here, Daly shares the Mediterranean Style Tuna Wrap, a great on-the-go lunch that is packed with healthy vegetables and fish. 
Mediterranean Style Tuna Wrap

1 ea. 3 oz can of Tuna (Packed in water)
1 ea. Tomato (Chopped) or Sun Dried Tomato (Chopped)
¼ Cup Sweet Onions (Minced Fine)
1 ea. Sweet Red Roasted Pepper (Drained & Chopped)
3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons Capers (Rinsed)
6 ea. Basil Leaves (Torn into Small Pieces)
½ Cup Celery (Back peeled & chopped finely)
4 Tablespoons Italian Parsley (Leaves Only; rough Chopped)
1.5 Cups Lettuce
TT Celery Salt (Optional)
TT Red Pepper Flakes (Optional)
TT Sea Salt (If omitting Celery Salt) Fresh Ground Pepper
TT = To Taste
Drain and fork mash the Tuna very fine. Add all of the chopped vegetables & Season to Taste.
Pick your favorite whole grain bread or wrap Place tuna salad in the wrap, layer in the lettuce, season with more EVO or a favorite Italian Style Dressing, roll it up and wrap it for lunch to go!