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LOCAL Maryland Introduces 2020 Legislative Agenda Aimed at Protecting Quality of Life for State Residents

Let Our Communities Act Locally (LOCAL) Maryland, a coalition consisting of advocacy organizations from across the state, committed to protecting the health, environment and economic well-being of Maryland citizens, established its 2020 legislative agenda. Learn how this will impact preemption in the community.


Maryland courts are inconsistently exercising state-level preemption over local actions. This means that county-level legislation may be preempted by the state government despite any state law explicitly stating so. 

As part of its 2020 legislative agenda, LOCAL Maryland will support a bill introduced by Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) that would stop this type of preemption by providing local jurisdictions with assumed authority unless otherwise stated. 

“Preemption has been a troubling trend,” said Michael Sanderson, Executive Director of MACo. “Legislatures have been deciding that one size fits all and shutting down communities’ ability to react to their own needs. We don’t want to see that catch fire in Maryland and LOCAL Maryland brings together voices from across the state to stand up for our communities.”

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