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Job Listing: FoodCorps Looking for 100 Good Men and Women



FoodCorps, the much publicized national service organization that sends its members to communities across the country to work on projects designed to combat childhood obesity, is seeking applicants for its second class of service members.  

Selected applicants will dedicate one year to working full-time in school food systems on various service projects, including nutrition education programs, building and tending school gardens and sourcing fresh, healthy food for school cafeterias.Applications are due on March 25. Interested applicants can click here to apply via the FoodCorps website.

Part of the AmeriCorps program, FoodCorps launched in 2011 by sending 50 young people to service in underserved communities in 10 states. For those 50 positions, FoodCorps received 1,229 applications, making the program more competitive than Harvard University. This year, the organization plans to send up to 100 people — dubbed “school food changemakers” — to work on similar projects in 12 states.

"We are looking for passionate people interested in forging careers in building a better food system,” says Cecily Upton, director of the FoodCorps Service Program. “FoodCorps can help them get hands-on experience to build a future career in food, agriculture and public health.”