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SHAPE America Shares ‘Back to School’ Resources

Health and physical education (HPE) must be part of a well-rounded education for every student. 


The new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) identifies HPE as a critical part of children’s holistic learning, and stresses the importance of students meeting the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

To help educators, parents, administrators and advocates, SHAPE America has launched a back to school campaign and provided resources that encourage HPE programs that are well-designed and effective so that students can focus more in class, and be healthier and more active overall.

The resources vary from posters about the national standards, case studies, to specific tools for different audiences. Here are some of the resources we thought were helpful:

  • Case Study: Traditionally, HPE in high schools has centered around athletic sports teams—this school in Maine looked to change that outlook on HPE programs.
  • National Standards Posters: SHAPE America has created posters that help students understand what they’re learning in their HPE classes, and why they’re learning it.
  • Resources for Adapted Physical Education and Physical Activity: Empower all students to lead healthy and active lifestyles with these resources.
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Find activities, partner programs, national standards, activities and much for teachers here.
  • Active School Champion: Learn how to become an Active School Champion for your school and local community.
  • 50 Million Strong: Join champions across the country and support healthy and active lifestyles for kids.

Resources for Different Groups:

  • PreK-12 Teachers: Find what you need to develop and evaluate your HPE program...and advance in your career!
  • Professors: Stay current with professional trends and best practices.
  • Future Professionals: Build your network and prepare to successfully enter the profession.
  • Administrators: Create a school environment where students stay physically active and learn the skills they need to live healthy lives.