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Don’t Forget: It’s Time to Walk the Walk


We’re aiming to send 10,000 messages to transportation leaders asking them to support programs that offer kids the chance to safely walk and bike to school, and we need YOUR HELP to reach our goal!

Check out the letter below written by Leader Deb Hubsmith, and take action in support of Safe Routes to School programs.

Hey Elizabeth,

It’s that time of year! Students are back at school, and YOU can make sure they will be able to walk and bike there safely

Traveling to school by foot or bicycle offers kids another way to get the physical activity they need each day. Studies have shown that when kids are more physically fit and active, they may perform better on tests, have better behavior in the classroom and have improved heart health. 

Unfortunately, many students can’t walk or bike to school because the streets and sidewalks in their neighborhood are unsafe to travel. 

Join me in asking new Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and the head of your state’s Department of Transportation to support Safe Routes to School programs, which offer kids the chance to walk or bike to class in a safe way each day

In his new gig, Secretary Foxx will be charged with making sure Americans can travel safely, on roads, by rail or in the air. But Foxx also can play a big role in helping make sure kids and teens can walk and bicycle safely to school, something that will benefit all of us! 

The Secretary can be a champion by promoting Safe Routes to School projects, which include the installation of sidewalks, crosswalks and road signs in underserved communities. He also can support efforts to encourage a smart approach to new transportation projects, ensuring streets are pedestrian and bicycle-friendly from the start. In addition, funding can be used to study and address safety issues. 

Secretary Foxx supported similar efforts when he was the mayor of Charlotte, N.C., so I know he can do the same on the national level. Now it’s just up to you and me to make sure he does

Deb Hubsmith
Safe Routes to School National Partnership