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Fresh Start for the Most Important Meal of the Day


Our friends at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation are sponsoring a live discussion TODAY designed to help schools adjust to new breakfast requirements in place this school year.

New nutritional requirements mean that schools must follow a menu planning approach, meet calorie ranges, eliminate trans-fat and ensure half of the grains offered to students are whole grains. Today’s presentation is designed to make the process a little easier by offering schools a menu planning guide featuring two-week cycle menus for breakfast in the classroom, grab and go breakfast and traditional cafeteria service. Nutrient analysis for all menus is included.

Scheduled speakers include Carol Chong, the National Nutrition Adviser for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Lynne Duda, the director of nutritional services in Aurora, Ore.

The live discussion is slated to begin at 1 p.m. Eastern. Click here to register.