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This National Eating Healthy Day, Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!


November 5 is National Eating Healthy Day, a day for everyone to commit (or recommit) to healthier eating. This year the focus is on making sure people include lots of healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet in order to “Produce Results.”

We all know that adults should eat four to five servings of vegetables and the same amount of vegetables per day. But according to a report from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, however, men only eat an average of 1.1 cups of fruit and 1.7 cups of vegetables per day, and women only eat about 1.1 cups of fruit and 1.5 cups of vegetables daily.

To celebrate this year’s National Eating Healthy Day, try to incorporate more or different types of fruits and vegetables into your day and encourage others to do the same!

A fun way to encourage healthy eating is to attempt to “eat the rainbow,” referring to eating fruits and vegetables of all colors to make sure you get the maximum amount of nutrients. Remember the acronym Roy G. Biv, and pick a fruit or vegetable for each color! For example, in one day you could try to eat tomatoes, carrots, bananas, green peppers, blueberries and eggplant—though probably not all at the same time.

The American Heart Association has developed several resources on fruits and vegetables to help encourage healthy eating. Feel free to share these with your friends, family and other networks to help encourage them to start eating healthier:

More resources for companies, organizations, individuals and schools are available on the National Eating Healthy Day website.