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Prep for National Eating Healthy Day


Next Wednesday, November 4, is National Eating Healthy Day! As advocates, the American Heart Association asks all leaders to encourage healthy eating habits by helping Americans take simple steps with their families, friends, co-workers and communities.  The following steps are designed to make the healthy choice the easy choice wherever people live, work or play.

Ways you can get involved:

Step1: Register for National Eating Healthy Day by visiting 

Step 2: Plan your activities for National Eating Healthy Day with tips included in the free toolkit and we’ve included a few below. 

Step 3: Share our “punny” fruit and vegetable memes on your social media channels using #NEHD and share your successes with us on AHA’s Facebook, Twitter (@American_Heart) and Instagram pages 

Plan an event:

  • Connect with neighborhood groups (schools, neighborhood associations, churches) to host garden swaps. Participants can come together to trade goods grown in their own gardens. 
  • Connect with local farmer’s markets to host a National Healthy Eating Day harvest sale. Provide healthy recipes and other heart-health information at the event.
  • Connect with local gardening groups to host an event teaching people how to harvest at home. 

Pitch to local media:

  • Help media connect with a local culinary school to share healthy eating recipes with items commonly grown in home gardens. (Could be great for an on-air cooking segment.)
  • Work with local on-air talent to start an in-station container garden. Encourage them to share stories on their shows and post photos to social media. 

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