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9 daily social media exercises to grow your nonprofit’s followers



Pump up the jam! Raise your standing desk! If you post/tweet/gram/pin/snap for your nonprofit, it’s time to tone your social media muscles. When your mind is spinning with ideas and your to-do list is spinning out of control, how can you stay focused and stick to a digital routine? Do these 9 social media exercises every day and visualize your follower numbers climbing higher and higher. You can print out the 8.5×11 Social Media Calisthenics sheet here and hang it up somewhere that will remind you to do it tomorrow and the tomorrow after that..

 M+R Strategic Services staff are joining the Voices for Healthy Kids All Grantee Meeting to help us build our movement! Thanks for M &R for allowing us to share some of their amazing blog posts in this issue.  For this post and other great content visit us here.