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Have a Green Thumb? Free Resources for Would-Be Gardeners


Our friends at Journeyworks Publishing are offering free resources for people looking to start a community garden at their school or in their neighborhood. Check out the message from Leader Scott MacEwen:

"A study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health found that people who participated in a Salt Lake City community garden had a lower body mass index than peers who were not involved. A lower BMI can mean a healthier weight for individuals, healthier communities and lower healthcare costs. Throw in some vine-ripened tomatoes and the deal can’t get much sweeter.

Not surprisingly, people who garden tend to eat more fruits and vegetables. Eating more fruits and veggies is a key strategy for losing weight as well as for preventing chronic disease.

Community organizers, planners and health educators will want to check out “Community Gardens: 25 Things Everyone Should Know,” a timely pamphlet from Journeyworks Publishing. The easy-to-read format outlines some of the many benefits of community gardens and can help garner support and involvement for local projects. To get a free preview copy of this pamphlet, visit Journeyworks Publishing’s Healthy Communities review pack page."

The American Heart Association has developed many free resources for parents and schools wanting to start a Teaching Garden.  We’ll continue to highlight the great work our Leaders who are gardeners are doing in future editions of the Inside Track, including a deeper dive into policy issues around school gardens.  

Click here to connect with Scott MacEwen.