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You Tell Us: How Can We Get Kids to Drink More Water?


We all know most young people need to drink more water. Many kids and teens are drinking far too many unhealthy sugary drinks instead of water, and numerous studies have shown all those extra calories are driving the obesity epidemic.

There are lots of ideas for increasing water consumption among young people, and wants to support them. The problem? There are so many great strategies out there, we need YOUR input to help us decide which to support! Next week, we’ll ask you and nearly 300,000 Supporters to tell us what you think is the best way to convince young people to drink more water.

We’ll use your responses to craft future advocacy efforts in this important issue area. Your answers also will reach leading policymakers and advocates working in this space, as Carter Headrick from the American Heart Association has promised he’ll talk about the responses when he leads a presentation at the upcoming National Soda Summit in Washington!

Stay tuned!