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It’s Time for a PE Pop Quiz!


Do you remember sitting in class and having your teacher say, “Clear off your desk and take out a pencil”?  You immediately knew what was coming next… it was time for a POP QUIZ! 

While a decade (or two or three!) may have passed since those days, it’s time to exercise your mind with a POP QUIZ again.  Although this time, you won’t need a pencil. 

The reason for the quiz?  The state of physical education in the United States. 

Growing up, gym class was a regular part of our school days.  We ran, jumped, stretched, and played during those classes, which helped keep our bodies active and our minds sharp. 

But many of today’s kids aren’t so lucky.  Physical education programs are being cut from schools due to competing priorities.  And unfortunately, this not only hurts kids’ health, but it hinders their ability to learn as well.   

In order to help #ProtectPE, we all need to be informed about the state of physical education across the country and in our own communities.  And that’s why I’m challenging you to a PE Pop Quiz!  I think you’ll be surprised what you learn.

You’ve got 5 minutes to answer 5 questions.  Ready… Set… GO!

PS- Once you’ve taken the PE Pop Quiz, pass the challenge on to others by sharing on Facebook and Twitter!