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Help Protect PE for Kids Like Me!


From Reagan Spomer, 6th grader and Alliance for a Healthier Generation Youth Advisory Board Member 

I have two words for you… scooter hockey. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Scooter hockey, along with cage ball and 3-way soccer are some of my favorite activities in gym class, which I have a few times a week.

I’m glad I have physical education for a number of reasons. It keeps me active and teaches me to try new things. It helps me focus on my school work. It relieves my stress. And most of all, it makes me feel great!

But I know a lot of schools don’t have regular PE like my schools does. That means a lot of kids are missing out on the benefits of being active during the school day. I think this needs to change.

Will you help? As part of the nationwide campaign to protect PE in schools, Voices for Healthy Kids has started a photo petition map to show how many people across the country love PE like I do. As people share their pictures, the map will change colors.  I’ve added my “I heart PE” photo for South Dakota and pictures are rolling in from advocates in other states as well.

Will you do the same? It’s really easy:

1) Print an “I heart PE” sign (or make your own!)

2) Take a picture of yourself holding the sign.

3) Click on your state to share your photo.