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Gimme Five: Candye Smith



Name: Candye Smith

Title: Founder

Organization: Give it 4ward

Meet Candye Smith, the founder of Give it 4ward. Give it 4ward is a ministry devoted to the act of giving. Learn more about Give it 4ward here, and view some of their recipient videos here.

How did you end up here today, and what motivates you to work on issues to help our kids grow up healthier?  

I am a parent with two healthy active daughters. I believe parents are role models and mirrors to their children. It’s heart breaking to watch our children become obese due to lack of knowledge regarding health.

How are you working to change the environment to make it healthier and create a culture of health?

Education is the key. Teaching our children the importance of making healthy choices is important. A healthy environment inspires children to live in peace and harmony.

What are your biggest accomplishments in helping children achieve a healthy weight?

Watching children enjoy eating raw fruits and vegetables and exercising.

What excites you the most about showing up for work every day?

I look forward to waking up every day enjoying the sunshine and feeling good to be alive. I love to know that I plan to make each down count.

If you were starting out in your career, what would you recommend to your younger self?

Always be grateful.

What game or sport did you play growing up?

I was always active. Skating and eating raw vegetables. I rode my bike every day.