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What’s in Store for New Jersey & Louisiana? Healthy Food Access!



On June 23rd, the Healthy Small Food Retailer Act passed the New Jersey Senate. This legislation creates a fund to expand programs in the state that provide assistance such as training, consumer education, marketing materials and equipment to small stores that wish to offer healthy, fresh food but lack the resources to do so. The initiative will improve access to healthy food and give economic support to the state’s most vulnerable communities. The next step is for Governor Chris Christie to sign the bill and work with the NJ Legislature, Department of Health and others to secure a stable source of funding. 

Take Action: If you are a New Jersey resident, please send a message to Governor Christie, asking him to sign and fund this important legislation.

Additionally, on June 27th, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a budget bill, which included $1 million in funding for the state to implement its Healthy Food Retail Act, which will help grocers and farmers’ markets expand into fresh food-needy areas.  The bill passed seven years ago, however, the cash-strapped state never provided funding for implementation until this week.  Congratulations to all of the advocates and partners who worked so hard for this win!  

Take Action: Tweet a ‘Thank You’ to Governor Edwards for his support to improve healthy food access.