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Press A7 for Healthier Choices: San Francisco Adopts Nutrition Standards for Vending Machines



Congratulations San Francisco!  The city has adopted a new ordinance that improves the nutritional quality of foods and beverages in vending machines on city and county-owned properties.

Ordinance No. 91-16, “Nutritional Standards for Food and Beverages Sold in Vending Machines on City Property or Served at City Meetings and Events”, requires that prepackaged food and beverages sold in vending machines on City and County property meet specified nutritional standards and calorie labeling requirements. The new ordinance will give 29,000 city employees and more than 830,000 residents access to healthier foods and beverages in public places.

San Francisco joins a growing list of cities, including Baltimore, Maryland to Springdale, Arkansas, that are looking at nutrition standards for procurement as a way to offer healthier food and beverage options to citizens.  American Heart Association (AHA) encourages employers and cities to create a healthy work environment and promote a healthy lifestyle for their employees and the public that come through city-owned facilities. Resources are available to help companies develop their own policies and tips to make a workplace healthier in the AHA's Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit