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Small Bites: New Resources for Childhood Obesity Movement


Reports! Research! Live Q&As!

Our email inbox has been flooded in recent days with information about new available resources for the movement. We wanted to pass along some of our top picks:

  • TEDMED is hosting a free Facebook Q&A TODAY studying obesity and nutrition. Scheduled to kickoff at 2 p.m. Eastern, the Q&A will feature surgeon Peter Attia, the president and cofounder of the Nutrition Science Initiative.
  • Women in Government recently launched the new Childhood Obesity Policy Resource Center to provide information and resources on policies that promote healthy eating, active living and childhood obesity prevention. The resource center provides information on policies to increase physical activity in schools; support greater access to healthy, affordable foods, and street-scale and community improvements; examples of state legislation that has been introduced or enacted; profiles of legislative champions who have worked to prevent and reduce childhood obesity in their communities and much more.
  • Our friends at Bridging the Gap recently unveiled research that found that the policies limiting the sale of unhealthy foods in schools make an impact (but too few schools have such policies). Roughly three-quarters of elementary schools are located in districts or states without policies regulating the sale of snacks and beverages.
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation unveiled updated research showing that most consumers want restaurants and cafeterias to offer menu labeling. While more research is needed, early studies have found menu labeling helps customers make healthier choices.
  • The American Heart Association’s Nutrition Center has great information you and your family can use to eat healthy.  Whether you are planning on eating at a restaurant or shopping for groceries to make a meal at home, the site provides great information designed to help individuals make healthy choices.