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Summer is Sweet Enough without Added Sugar


This summer, will be taking on the added sugar in beverages. Coming soon, we will ask our 300,000 Supporters and Leaders to take concrete actions in their communities to directly impact our children’s sugary beverage intake.

The science is clear: Our kids are consuming too much sugar and it has serious implications on their future health. Sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda, sports drinks and juice are the primary sources of added sugars in Americans’ diets. Our kids are drinking too many of these sugary drinks—they are the single largest source of calories our kids consume. In fact, Americans’ consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is up 500 percent in the last fifty years.

There are many wonderful organizations working to change this already. This summer, we’re going to ask you to join in and spread the word among your networks and communities. After all, summer is sweet enough without all these extra calories, isn’t it?

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