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Prevent Obesity Leaders Sound Off on Coke’s New Ad


Last week we asked you what you thought about Coca Cola’s new ad. The new ad highlights the amount of time it typically takes to burn off the calories in its classic beverage by issuing an in-person challenge of biking in place to “pay” for a drink.

More than a dozen Leaders shared their opinions. Here are some of them:

“This is an excellent topic for discussion. [Coke] sidesteps the issue of sugar content and reframes the issue as simply one of calories. However we all know that 140 calories from liquid syrup suspended in carbonated water is much different from 140 broccoli calories in terms of our health.” —Chef Shedric

“There are more than 140 things with 140 calories I’d rather burn than a 12 oz. Coke. Thanks for trying.”—@goodphyte

“I am the Student Wellness Coordinator from Eldon schools in Eldon, Missouri. I work with kids in grades kindergarten through eighth grade with our wellness program. I have mixed feelings about this. On one aspect I am glad they are recognizing and addressing this publicly. I like that it shows how you have to “work” to “earn” that soda.  It puts those calories out there in your face and shows the can, not the bottle. However, it also makes it look easy.  It looks like the soda is a reward.  We can work and drink a soda and everything we have worked for is gone.  But…from the soft drink company standpoint, this is better than nothing.  They are not going to quit advertising, so this at least addresses it or brings attention to somewhat.”—Terry Atteberry

“[The ad] has absolutely nothing to do with obesity. It’s all about how drinking a Coke equates with happiness. The conclusion is that a Coke is the reward at the end.” —Sally Sampson

“While a good attempt at addressing obesity, I don't think it will work with people that drink more than one Coke a day then try to exercise to burn off the calories.  It would take a lot of exercise to offset the calories.”—Margaret Knight

“Excellent marketing that doesn't address the many other issues that come with these beverages.” —@NaeWasHere