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Gimme 5 with PE Teacher Lisa Mundy

Meet this innovative physical education teacher who’s integrating technology into her classroom to motivate students and engage parents!


Name: Lisa G. Mundy

Title: Elementary Physical Education Teacher

Organization: Hurricane Creek Elementary/Bryant Public Schools 

1) How did you end up here today, and what motivates you to work on issues to help our kids grow up healthier? 

Healthy students are successful students.  Success is not only academic or athletic, it is also success at interpersonal relationships.  Healthy students are happier in general.  Physical activity and exercise for students (children) is a must…  Children are “pre-wired” to move, it is a natural instinct.

2) How are you working to change the environment to make it healthier and create a culture of health? 

By making my classes fun and engaging, students are more receptive to getting sweaty.  I am also including technology and social media into my classes.  Many of my students are on age-appropriate social media, so I make a point to take pictures and tag my students.  They LOVE getting a shout out from a teacher when they are enjoying class AND showing the correct form of play and/or technique for the skill that is being covered.  I also embrace social media.  As most their parents are “online”, I modify a lot of the video challenges that go viral.  My students enjoy challenging their parents and siblings at home!

3) What are your biggest accomplishments in helping children achieve a healthy weight? 

By applying and receiving grants to bring in more equipment, technology, and training for myself as had the largest impact.  The students get excited that they are able to participate in activities that are unique to our building.

4) What excites you the most about showing up for work every day? 

The smiles of my students!!  The interactions and relationships that form from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of fifth grade.

5) If you were starting out in your career, what would you recommend to your younger self? 

Keep patience with your coworkers.  Model what makes an exemplary physical educator.  Be involved with the classroom teachers.  Approach them, ask what is being taught in the classrooms:  word walls, math skills, science; it all can be tied in to an activity in the physical education instruction.


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