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Streets Built to Share


On behalf of the Voices for Healthy Kids team, we are excited to share with you the toolkit on complete streets titled “Streets Built to Share.” In this toolkit, you will find tactics to advocate for state, regional and local public policies requiring that all road construction and reconstruction creates complete streets that are safe and convenient for all people who are walking, bicycling, using a wheelchair or traveling by public transit. To receive access to the toolkit, click here.

This toolkit is a compilation of facts, sample materials and guidance on how to build, engage and mobilize a social change movement in your state or community on this critical issue. The toolkit is wrapped together by a unique theme designed to maximize interest and action to create and support a healthy learning environment for kids. Together with a collection of parallel toolkits on other proven social change strategies to help kids live more active, healthful lives, we want to help focus and energize advocates around the country.

This toolkit is for you to use and share. Just as important, we want to hear back from you. We consider our toolkits to be dynamic documents. We want to update, improve and add to them based on the insights and lessons in the field. Please share back with us your comments for the next version.

Voices for Healthy Kids is a collaboration between the American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Together with a diverse array of partners, we are working to engage, organize and mobilize advocates to improve the health of their communities and reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. There are now more than one-in-three children and teens in the U.S. who are overweight or obese. Voices for Healthy Kids is focused on advocating for policy and social change at the community, state and federal levels in order to help young people eat healthier foods and be more active. Find out more at

If you want to learn more about Voices for Healthy Kids, we have many opportunities to share resources, to get involved in advocacy efforts at the state and local level as well as join us in support of reversing youth obesity through policy and advocacy efforts. For more information, please email us at [email protected].