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Getting Into the Olympic Spirit


The competition kicks off in London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in just nine days.

While athletes from across the globe will vie for the gold, First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative is aiming to get all Americans active in their own communities.

Let’s Move! is hosting community meetups across the country, urging Americans to play sports, hold relay races, bike ride, run, or do anything else designed to get folks moving. For folks who can’t fly through the air like gymnast Gabby Douglas or soar in the water like swimmer Ryan Lochte, Let’s Move! came up with 10 less intense Olympic-themed activities.

Our favorite is an idea that channels the ancient Olympic games in Greece. Turns out that tug of war was an official Olympic sport until 1920, and dated back to 500 B.C. In the modern games, the contest pitted two teams of eight against each other, and the team that pulled the other team six feet won. If after five minutes no team managed to do so, the team that pulled the most grabbed the gold.

Are you working in your community to celebrate the Olympics — and get people active in the process? Let us know in the comments! We’ll highlight how Leaders are celebrating the Olympics throughout the duration of the games.

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