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Help Us Get 5,000 Pledges to Make This a #SweeterSummer


Already, more than 4,100 Prevent Obesity Leaders and Supporters have made a pledge to do something in their communities to decrease children’s intake of sugary drinks. Will you help us spread the word? We are so close to hitting 5,000. Can you help us get there?

Here are a few things you can share on your social media accounts:

What's the best way to make this a #SweeterSummer? Make a pledge to cut back the sugary drinks:

People like you are taking action across the country to cut out sugary drinks. Join us to create a #SweeterSummer!

Let's make this a #SweeterSummer: Take a pledge to change something in your community and help kids cut sugary drinks:

Already, we’ve been so inspired by the wide variety and great thought you’ve put into your pledges. Here are some of the latest things the Prevent Obesity community is tackling this summer:

“As a personal trainer and performance coach a huge part of my program is nutritional advice. I put together healthy menus and eating schedules including the importance of drinking water.”
- Damien from New Jersey

“I won't let my children indulge in yucky stuff and be an advocate to others in my life.”
- Anonymous

“I will donate sugar-free and aspartame-free drinks to our church's weekly family night as an alternative to the soda they always serve.”
- Sabrina from Arizona

“I will keep updating my Tumblr with YouTube videos and links to other sources that show the negative, science backed evidence for the overconsumption of sugar in general. I will also keep giving positive reinforcement to others.”
- Steven from Texas

“The Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare Organization will install 5 water stations throughout the City of Lompoc over summer. These water stations will have a water bottle refill unit along with a drinking fountain. A station will be installed at Lompoc Valley Middle School, Lompoc High School, Lompoc Library, the River Bend Bike Park, and one additional location to be determined. Our multi-sector collaborative The Healthy Lompoc Coalition will promote drinking water and will seek policy change within the City of Lompoc through the adoption of a healthy beverage policy.”
- Ashley from California

Want to tell us more about what you are doing this summer to reduce children’s intake of sugary drinks? If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming Inside Track and on the Prevent Obesity blog, please let us know at [email protected].

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