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Meet the Voices for Healthy Kids Team: Haley Smoot


Name: Haley Smoot
Title: Project Coordinator

I’ve worked in politics and public health, and I’ve realized that the latter is where my passion truly lies. The most amazing part about my current position is that I get to work on a variety of issues that can affect so many aspects of a child’s life. And each day, I work toward the goal of making sure every person has the opportunity to live a healthy life. Role: I write and do policy research for

Policy Passion: I’m really interested in issues that focus on the school environment. Making sure that each child has access to healthy foods and opportunities to be active during the school day is critical to ensure our kids learn the healthy habits they need to grow into healthy adults.

Favorite Food:  I can’t get enough of watermelon, carrots, and sweet potatoes – of course never mixed together!

Favorite Exercise: I’m a big fan of swimming during the summer. It’s one of the only ways to survive the Texas heat. When it’s not summer, I love running 5Ks and 10Ks.