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Prevent Obesity Leaders are Giving Communities a Sweeter Summer


Last week, we issued a challenge: Make a pledge to do something in your community that reduces children’s intake of sugary drinks. Already, we are hearing back from dedicated leaders like you around the country.

Have you taken the pledge yet? If not, please do today!

Here are some of the great things the Prevent Obesity Network is taking on this summer to give children a #SweeterSummer:

“I'm planting gardens in my neighborhood schools and teaching kids about healthy alternatives, with the help of Alliance for a Healthier Generation.” - Shanikka J. from California.

“I will spread the word about how bad sugary drinks are and that drinking water is much better for our children.” - Debbie T. from Nevada.

“I want to educate children and their families on how to make fun, healthy snacks without all the added sugar, chemicals, and preservatives. I want to live my life as a testimony that eating healthy is attainable on a budget, and can even save you money in the short and long-term” - Jacqueline M. from Florida.

“I will ensure that only approved drinks are available in the community center vending machines.” - Joan H. from Massachusetts.

“I will host free sampling events in the community, so that children can try delicious healthy drink alternatives--essentially, encouraging everyone to have healthier eating and drinking habits.” - Antonio N. from Virginia.

To see all the pledges -- and add your own -- visit’s action page.

Throughout this campaign we will be featuring Prevent Obesity Leaders on our blog. Are you doing something in your community to reduce children’s intake of sugary drinks? Contact us at [email protected]. We want to feature you!