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Global Recommendations from World Health Organization to End Childhood Obesity


The World Health Organization’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity released a report this week that proposes a long list of recommendations for nations and governments around the world “to reverse the rising trend of children aged under 5 years becoming overweight and obese.” The report notes that 41 million children in this age group are obese or overweight.

While the report outlines 46 recommendations under six key headings that are familiar to all of us, news outlets quickly picked up on the support for sugary drink taxes and reduction of food marketing to children.

 The American Heart Association released a statement in support of the recommendations, calling them a “wake up call to aggressively address the childhood obesity epidemic.”

So, how can you use these recommendations in your work?

  • Be sure to cite specific recommendations when seeking funding and advocating for change so that others see you are working in tandem with not just national, but global evidence-based efforts.
  • Make note of where the Commission’s report outlines and differentiates the roles and responsibilities of government, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, foundations and academic institutions.

And, leverage the principles and strategies outline by the Commission that underscore the commitment to the child’s right to health; government commitment and leadership; equity; accountability and other principles.