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Leader Predictions for 2015: Food Marketing, Physical Activity and More


In our first issue of 2015, we asked Leaders to share their predictions for the childhood obesity prevention movement. Here’s what you had to say!

“2015 Biggest Battle? Ending Junk Food Marketing to Kids!” -- Casey Hinds

“The Coalition for Healthy School Food predicts that plant-based entrée recipes will become much more popular in school. These recipes are cholesterol-free, very low in total and saturated fat, and full of fiber and phyto-nutrients, making students feel full and satisfied, with a nutrient dense meal to feed the cells in their bodies and brains, allowing them to focus and do their best in school. In addition, schools will begin to understand the importance of teaching healthy nutrition, in addition to media literacy, food politics, label reading, and the importance of unprocessed whole plant-based foods as a life skill that will ultimately result in better learners.” -- Amie Hamlin

“At Georgia Trail Summit, we hope it’s going to be Trails Rx in 2015 as a solution.” -- Tracie Sanchez

“The awareness has increased dramatically in all segments of the population spanning from children to adults. Social media, multiple non-for profits, TV ads and campaigns have fueled the awareness we have witnessed in 2014. With more and more government funding for multiple initiatives addressing the issue, my guess is we will see more growth in 2015. The question is whether or not this has translated into meaningful changes and a true impact in decreasing childhood obesity. Changes in this realm come about when "systems" come together and speak to each other, meaning healthcare, schools, media and the government. If they each operate in silos, it is possible that changes will occur but over time and very slowly. As more and more of the accountable parties (including parents) realize the impact of poor health or vice versa, the bigger the change. Once technology finds a way to make healthy living a must for all, the message will spread like a virus.” -- Veronica Tomor

Agree? Disagree? Have a prediction of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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