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Raise the Volume! Help Us Amplify the Message about Healthy Food Access


We hope you’ve taken the Healthy Food Access Quiz, which showcases how difficult it is to find and purchase nutritious food in many neighborhoods. Although 25 to 30 million Americans can’t find affordable healthy food within a reasonable distance of their home, this problem doesn’t often receive the attention it deserves.

You can help get the word out by taking part in the #HealthyFoodAccess Thunderclap!

Here’s how it works. We need 100 people to sign up as "Supporters." If we get at least 100 people to take part, on Jan. 27 messages will go live from everyone's Twitter or Facebook accounts promoting the quiz. We might even get it trending!

Here's a link where you can sign up. It's super easy. You can log-in with a Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr account, and then you just sign-up as a Supporter.

Thanks in advance for joining the Thunderclap.