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New Report: Healthy Food Equals a Healthy Economy



In New York state, one in three adults consume fruit less than one time per day. Six out of ten adults and one-third of children are affected by diet-related diseases due to unhealthy nutrition in New York state. The state’s annual cost to treat chronic diseases caused by weight issues are estimated at $11.8 billion.

Due to these sobering facts, New York state has had a huge push in the healthy food financing movement. According to Heather Kinder, the executive vice president at the Founders Affiliate for the American Heart Association, this movement in New York state has “resulted in a $30 million public-private partnership” forming the New York Healthy Food Healthy Communities Initiative. However, due to limited funding, this fund will soon be depleted.

In response to this, the American Heart Association, in conjunction with You’re the Cure, have released a new report entitled, Healthy Food = Healthy Economy: Improving the Economic Vitality of New York’s Underserved Communities via Healthy Food Access, encouraging the importance of continuing the work in New York around healthy food financing. See the full report here.