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Looking Ahead to Sochi


The 2012 Summer Olympics are almost over — but we’re already thinking about the 2014 Winter Olympic Games (and not just because we love figure skating).

If you watched any of the Olympics during the past two weeks, you no doubt noticed that so many of the Olympic advertisers have product lines that are unhealthy foods and beverages. So while the Olympics show children the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle, the commercial breaks include ads for companies whose main products are often high in sugar, salt, fat and calories.

Kids deserve better! That’s why we are asking NBC and the U.S. Olympic Committee to hold Olympic advertisers to the highest possible standards when it comes to the foods and beverages advertised during the games. It makes no sense that so many of the Olympic advertisers’ main products are unhealthy foods and beverages!

Stand up for the next generation of Olympic athletes by taking action today. Urge NBC and the U.S. Olympic Committee to hold advertisers to a higher standard for our kids, beginning with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

In the meantime, go Team USA!