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New Toolkit: Stop Sugary Drinks from Hooking Our Kids

Did you know that sugary drinks such as fruit drinks, sports drinks, sweetened waters and teas, energy drinks, and soda have been identified one of the primary sources of added sugars in American diets?


hook.jpgAccess to healthy drinks is crucial to helping kids grow up at a healthy weight and avoid type-2 diabetes and heart disease.  A movement is growing in cities and states across the country to make healthier alternatives, like water, milk, and 100% juice with no added sugars, more attractive and available- and you can help keep the momentum going.

Voices for Healthy Kids has created a new toolkit for advocates, which includes the resources you need to urge your local and state decision-makers to adopt public policies that will help stop sugary drinks from hooking our kids.

Visit the Voices for Healthy Kids Sugary Drinks toolkit today to access campaign resources!