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Keep Your Kids Active During the School Year with These Shared Use Resources


Studies have shown that today’s adolescents are not getting enough physical activity and this is impacting not only their health, but also their academic performance.  Opening up our school exercise facilities for community use can help to reverse this trend.  Shared use agreements allow school districts and communities to address joint-use of school exercise facilities, which are often excellent resources for recreation and exercise in areas of limited availability, like low-income or rural communities.

As millions of children begin to head back to school this month, it is a terrific time to study up on shared use agreements and have conversations with your principal or other administrators to learn if your school has unlocked its doors and if not, help to get agreements in place.   Here are a number of resources to jump start those conversations and to help get your community jumping, kicking and even Zumba-ing more!

  • This is a great overview document on shared use with a version available in Spanish, too.
    • Ready to sit down with your principal or with a member of your school board to enact a shared use agreement? These resources provide useful background and talking points.
    • Shared use can be a simple solution to increase physical activity in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities and this resource provides statistics and examples specific to these communities.
    • Once you become a shared use guru, be sure to check out the Shared Use Clearinghouse, a comprehensive library of resources and recent updates from all across the country.

Our special thanks to the Safe Routes to School National Partnership for these resources.