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Ready to Advocate for Strong Wellness Policies in Schools?

A host of tools are now available to support and empower communities in establishing strong policies that guide a school district's efforts to support healthy eating and physical activity.


On July 21stthe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the Local Wellness Policy final rule, which ensures that any food or beverage that is marketed on school campuses during the school day meets the Smart Snacks standards.

According to a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 70 percent of elementary and middle school students are exposed to some kind of food/beverage marketing through school. Many of the foods and beverages that are heavily marketed to children contribute to poor diet quality, high calorie intake, and excess weight gain. However, the majority of schools do not have policies restricting food and beverage marketing to children. This rule makes sure foods offered and marketed to students during the school day have consistent nutrition standards.

Schools, parents, students and communities members all have a role to play in the development and assessment of local school wellness policies.  Check out the resources at and use the sample social media messages below to help share this important information:

.@[SCHOOL DISTRICT TWITTER HANDLE] please ensure our #SchoolWellness policy is implemented in all schools