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Last Call for Public Comments on Performance Measures for Our Transportation System

Close your eyes and imagine a successful transportation system.  What do you see? 


 I see crosswalks that help make it safe for kids to walk to school.  I see bike lanes that make it possible for people to get to work on two wheels instead of four.  I see sidewalks that allow families to be physically active in their neighborhoods.  And I see accessible public transport options that connect people to jobs, grocery stores, and health services.

Unfortunately, though, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is proposing performance measures for our transportation system that fail to meet that vision by focusing solely on the speed of vehicles and the congestion of roads. 

Help us remind USDOT that transportation is about more than cars!  Comments must be submitted before the August 20th deadline.

What gets measured by USDOT matters because it determines where transportation funding is directed at the state and local levels.  As it stands, the proposed rule would steer funding toward expanding roads and increasing speeds, rather than improving our transportation infrastructure to include crosswalks, sidewalks, and bike lanes that are critically needed to allow all people to safely and easily walk, bike, and access public transit. 

Please submit a public comment today urging USDOT to include performance measures that will count people who walk, bike, and ride public transit in the final rule.