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27K+ Raise Their Voice… Including This Famous Mom


More than 27,000 people already have taken action and told the U.S. Department of Agriculture they support proposed guidelines to limit unhealthy food and beverage marketing in schools. But the more people we get to raise their voice, the better… and we need your help!

You can spread the word about this important campaign by sending an email out to your networks, organization’s email list, friends, family and anyone else you think might be interested in raising their voice. We can send you a unique tracking URL to include in the email, which will send your email recipients to our action page. At the end of the campaign, we’ll be able to tell you just how many comments you brought it!

Interested in partnering with us? Send our Zach Brooks an email via [email protected], and he’ll help arrange the details.

Still not convinced? If you help promote the campaign, you’ll be in some pretty great company.

American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown and Alliance for a Healthier Generation CEO Dr. Howell Wechsler wrote to Leaders and Supporters last month in support of the campaign. And we’re excited to announce that on Monday, actress Jennie Garth will send an email to Leaders and Supporters asking them to send a comment to the USDA !

Garth is famous for her role as Kelly Taylor on “Beverly Hills 90210” and is also a former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant. But more importantly, she is a mother of three, so she knows first-hand how tough it can be for parents to instill healthy habits in their kids… and how much tougher it is when they have to compete with food marketers.

What are you waiting for? Email us today at [email protected] and help us get the word out!