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Hit the [Green] Gym



No initiation fees. No long-term contract. No automatic payments.

Anybody can get in shape on Green Gym Day — and it won’t cost a dime.

Astute Inside Track readers will remember Leader Nancy Bruning, the New York-based fitness expert works within her community to help people get physically active in public spaces such as parks.

Now Bruning is aiming for her exercise-in-the-outdoors message to go international. Bruning will partner with the UK-based group FunMeFit for Green Gym Day, a June 9 event encouraging people of all ages to “use their local green spaces for fun, exercise, family time and relaxation.”

“Many green spaces are free, and you don’t need fancy equipment or expensive trainers to get moving,” Bruning says. “It’s the perfect way to weave activity into your life and hang out with your friends and family, too.”

Bruning is a certified personal trainer with a master’s degree in public health, but long has been turned off by some of the traits of the fitness industry, including asking people to spend money on pricey gym memberships or equipment. Instead, Bruning encourages people to take regular walks or go for a jog in the park to stay fit. As another example of staying active without all the expense, Bruning shows people moves adapted through yoga, martial arts and even dance – using only a park bench.

Green Gym Day will build on Bruning’s previous efforts, further promoting outdoor fitness opportunities around the world. Bruning will coordinate activities in New York’s Fort Tryon Park, including free outdoor yoga and Tai Chi classes, ping-pong games and gardening.

Bruning and her colleagues want the effort to go viral, encouraging people around the world to host similar events in their local green spaces. Green Gym Day participants can register events by emailing [email protected], and folks also can follow the action via @GreenGymDay on Twitter.

Organizers hope Green Gym Day inspires people to see the world around them a little differently.

“We all like being outside, and being in a green space around nature has so many positive benefits on our mental and physical health,” says Kate Hill, who is organizing Green Gym Day events in England. “Getting people off their sofas and out of their doors may actually help them realize what they’re missing!”

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