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Get Out Your Bikes, PreventObesity.Net Leaders!


In May, we will be asking all Leaders to support the latest national campaign focused on safe routes to school. Leaders from a variety of organizations will be reaching out to the more than 300,000 Supporters to ask their state transportation leaders to prioritize funding for projects connected to safe routes to school.

Do you have a list of supporters who would be interested in joining in on this campaign? Contact us today at [email protected].

And even if you don’t have a list, we’re counting on you to spread the word to your personal networks, so be on the lookout for emails from Leaders starting in early May.

In 2009, approximately 23,000 children ages 5-15 were injured and more than 250 were killed while walking or bicycling in the United States. Research has shown that Safe Routes to School projects can reduce child pedestrian injuries by 44 percent.

We are counting on your help to make this campaign a success.

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