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ICYMI: Eating Sugar for Breakfast?


In last week’s Inside Track, we shared a letter from Leaders Jennifer Harris and Kelly Brownell from the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. The duo wrote to Leaders and Supporters, asking folks to tell cereal companies to market healthier cereals to kids.

We’ve got great news: Since the campaign launched a week ago, more than 10,563 people have taken action!

If you’re among those who took action, thank you so much for raising your voice for kids! If not — what are you waiting for?

As Harris and Brownell explain in their letter, many of the cereals advertised to children contain one spoonful of sugar for every three spoonfuls of cereal. They continue:

“In fact, cereals marketed to kids are far less healthy than those marketed to adults. They have 56 percent more sugar, half as much fiber and 50 percent more sodium!

Even though most popular kids' cereals are still poor in nutritional quality, companies aren't boxed in. They also make healthy cereals that they could market to children, but choose not to.” 

Please join 10,500 Leaders and Supporters today and tell cereal companies to market healthier products to children.