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How Healthy is Your County — and How Healthy Could It Be?



We blogged earlier this week about a new interactive online map that explores how the health of a county could improve if more work was done to increase education and income levels among the population.

Developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Human Needs, the County Health Calculator shows the impact social factors outside of the healthcare system have on health. It displays this data at the national, state and county level, and allows users to move an education and income slider to see what could happen to health, chronic disease and healthcare costs if the picture improved in their community.

The Calculator strongly shows how societal and environmental factors, such as education, income, schools and neighborhoods, play a role in shaping health. The application explores how many premature deaths and cases of diabetes could be avoided if people had the better health so strongly associated with more years of education and higher income. Click here for more information on the app, including how to download an embeddable widget to put on your website.

Note: is a project of RWJF.