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Help NYC Serve Up Healthy Change Leader Nancy Huehnergarth sent the following email to Leaders and Supporters in New York on Monday, asking them to write to the New York Board of Health in support of a proposal to cap the size of many sugary beverages sold in the city to 16 ounces.

Put forth by Mayor Michael Bloomberg as part of the city’s efforts to curb obesity, the proposal is designed to address out of control portion sizes for drinks, which experts such as those at the Institute of Medicine say is contributing to the obesity epidemic. But the proposal has received significant pushback from organizations and coalitions affiliated with the beverage industry.

The board ultimately will decide on July 24 whether to approve the proposal, which leaves only 12 days for people to weigh in. We encourage Leaders to join Huehnergarth in writing to the board. Since most of you are doing the hard work in the field to combat obesity, we also would encourage you to add your own thoughts and perspectives on the proposal when you send your message.

Be sure to take action ASAP — there are JUST 12 DAYS LEFT before the board makes its decision. If you are in New York, we also urge you to attend the Board of Health meeting on the proposal.

You’ve seen the headlines. Now it’s YOUR turn to take action — and you only have until July 24!

RIGHT NOW, the New York City Board of Health is accepting comments from the public on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to limit the size of sugary drinks for sale in venues like restaurants, movie theaters and street carts to 16 ounces.

Click here to join me in asking the Board of Health to approve the proposal to limit massive portion sizes for sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soda.

The Institute of Medicine recently recommended that business and government leaders adopt policies and implement practices to reduce over-consumption of sugary drinks, which are among the top sources of calories in the American diet. This proposal is a creative attempt to do that.

The Board of Health wants to hear from YOU before the comment period ends on July 24! Tell them to adopt the plan and put the health of New Yorkers first.

The mayor’s approach doesn’t prevent people from drinking sugary beverages. People could still buy two 16 ounce drinks if they want, but they’ll have to think about what they are drinking a little more — and that could be an effective way to reduce over-consumption of sugary drinks.

For the health of all New Yorkers, the Board of Health should approve the portion size proposal. Click here to tell them to do just that.


Nancy Huehnergarth 
New York-based Leader