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Healthy Kids’ Meals Media Toolkit Now Available

Looking for fresh social media content? Ready to speak up for healthy restaurant kids’ meals in your community? We’ve got you covered!


Since March is Nutrition Month, we are focused on making healthy drinks the default choice in all restaurants. We also include general education on sugary drinks and health. This new online toolkit includes:

  • Social media posts to educate your friends and audiences on sugary drinks, share state success stories and help others understand the negative consequences of targeted marketing to youth and communities of color.
  • Editorial Board Meeting Tip Sheet to request and prepare for a meeting with the editorial board of your local paper – be sure to work with your local AHA office and coalition on this tactic.
  • Sample Op-Ed on the importance of healthy kids’ meals from the perspective of a pediatrician that you can use for inspiration. Be sure to share your own story and experiences as a way to personalize the op-ed. If you are ready for this step, let us know and we can help you refine your story.
  • Action Alert to spur local advocates and the general public to get involved with a specific campaign. Use this draft action alert on healthy kids’ meals for inspiration to develop one for your specific campaign. These alerts can be sent out via e-mail, letter, phone call or even on social media.
  • Graphics, GIFs and Videos to use with social media content and your action alerts or use with pitches to media and bloggers.

The toolkit can be accessed here.