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El Paso, Texas Launches Nation’s First County-Level Healthy Food Financing Initiative

El Paso County, in West Texas, is investing in projects to improve access to healthy and affordable food for residents with low incomes. Learn more about this exciting initiative.


El Paso, Texas conjures up a variety of images for people who don’t live there—a vast blue sky, the Rio Grande River winding through flat land and toward desert-colored mountains, and the bustling United States-Mexico border.

For the nearly 900,000 people who live in the county, the reality is more complicated. It’s a huge, largely lower-income region with a discernible need for reliable access to fresh, nutritious food.

Through a new initiative, El Paso county is actively working to improve food retail infrastructure and bring grocery stores, community markets and mobile food stands to areas of the county with high poverty, few living wage jobs and lack of healthy and affordable food.

The full story can be accessed here.

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