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Eating Right, 24/7



A few weeks ago, The Inside Track featured a story about HUMAN Healthy Vending, a California-based company that provides vending machines filled with good-for-you snacks and drinks to schools, businesses and other organizations.
Now we hear HUMAN is teaming up with Quest Diagnostics to ensure employees of the laboratory testing company have access to healthy meal options around the clock.
HUMAN spokeswoman Annabel Adams tells us that her company placed vending machines at Quest’s office in West Hills, Calif., which is home to about 900 employees. Because many Quest staffers work late-night shifts, the machines are stocked with better-for-you microwavable meals and fresh and organic sandwiches, alongside HUMAN’s typical snacks and beverages, Adams says.  
The vending company introduced the new machines to Quest during a Feb. 27 nutrition and outreach event. 
Quest has offered a voluntary wellness program to employees and their spouses or partners since 2005. Participants are provided with a personalized health report based on laboratory testing. They then are offered educational materials, weight-loss support groups, fitness classes, smoking cessation counseling and even personal counseling sessions to help stay well.