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Dining Healthy in the Big Apple: New York City Makes Healthy Drinks the Kids' Menu Default

New York City has more than 26,000 restaurants. Starting next year, those with children’s menus must offer milk, water or 100% fruit juice as the default drink — thanks to the city’s new Healthy Happy Kids’ Meals Law.


“Instead of making unhealthy options the norm, we’re going to make the healthy ones the preferred choice,” says Robin Vitale, vice president of health strategies for the American Heart Association - New York City, which led the advocacy campaign for the bill.”

Read their story to learn how New York City and other states are making kids' meals healthier for all children!

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  • Earlier this year, #NYC became the latest city to pass a Healthy Kids’ Meal Bill, meaning that soon when kids in New York order from the kids’ menu, their meal will come with milk, water, or 100% fruit juice. @AHANewYorkCity @CSPI  #HealthyKidsHealthyDrinks
  • #NYC has more than 26,000 restaurants. Starting later in 2020, all of them will be offering #HealthyDrinks like water, milk, or 100% juice on the kids’ menu. @AHANewYorkCity @CSPI #HealthyKidsHealthyDrinks