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Take Part in the National Complete Streets Photo Safari!



Complete streets policies are critical to creating more livable neighborhoods by creating transportation infrastructure that connects people to jobs, grocery stores, and health services- and makes it safe and easy for people to walk, bike, roll, and ride.  That’s why we’re advocating for streets built to share in towns and cities across the country… you can join us!

It’s time for a Complete Streets Photo Safari!  Take a look around your neighborhood or city… are the streets built to share?  Are there sidewalks to get to the bus stop?  Are there crosswalks for families to safely walk to school or the grocery store?  Are there protected bike lanes that encourage a healthy and safe commute to work or school?  Are the streets accessible for people or all ages and abilities? 

Document what you see and experience on the streets in your community- and share it with our nationwide community of active transportation advocates in three easy steps!

  1. Follow the StreetsBuiltToShare account on Instagram
  2. Use the camera on your phone to snap photos or videos of areas where complete streets infrastructure is present OR missing in your town.
  3. Upload your photos to Instagram with the following information:
    -Caption the photo with your observations and the hashtag #StreetsBuiltToShare
    -Tag the StreetsBuiltToShare account in your photo.
    -Add the location of your photo to help track where complete streets exist or are missing.

Your photos will help bring the facts to life as we urge local decision-makers and transportation planners to design and build complete streets for all people in every neighborhood.