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To The Cloud



As most Leaders probably already know, September officially marks National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

Here at the Inside Track, we know that Leaders like you work year round to transform public policies and environments in order to build a healthier America. But we think National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month offers a great opportunity for us to share a brief picture of what the Leader network looks like.

The word clouds below showcase how Leaders define themselves, as well as the names of the organizations that Leaders represent.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the biggest word used in organizations’ names is “health.” Other prominent words include “school,” “university,” “county” and “center,” highlighting where work is being done to reduce obesity. Meanwhile, Leaders’ titles are pretty much evenly distributed. Plenty of you are called “director,” “coordinator” and “manager,” and you are working on things such as “project,” “program” and “education.”

What do you think of the word clouds? Does anything surprise you? Do you think any area is missing? Tell us in the comments below.