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Childhood Obesity is Growing Faster than Adult Obesity

It’s no secret that everywhere we look, people are now bigger and are suffering from health-related diseases. Cities are now trying to fight back with sugary drink taxes and calorie labels.


iStock-487419534.jpgThe issue doesn’t stop in the United States. Travel overseas or visit a neighboring country and you’ll see the same problem. Obesity is reaching every corner of the world, rich or poor. In 2015, obesity contributed to 7 percent of all deaths – globally.

Although obesity in children is scarcer compared to adults, the rate has surged much faster in some countries. The United States had the worst rate of childhood obesity, with 13 percent of children now obese. Andrew Stokes, assistant professor of global health at Boston University’s School of Public Health states, “there is a generation of children, over 100 million globally, that will likely have to grapple their entire lives with weight-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases and also face higher rates of premature mortality.”

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