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California Becomes First State to Require Healthy Drinks on Kids' Restaurant Menus

Overconsumption of sugary drinks is a major contributor to poor health. In the United States, 40,000 deaths a year are attributed to heart problems caused by consuming too many sugary drinks. Nevertheless, children continue to consume sugary drinks at an alarming rate.


On Jan. 1, thanks to the Healthy-By-Default Kids' Meal Beverages Act, California became the first state to require water or milk as the beverage automatically offered with kids' meals at restaurants. By replacing sugary drinks with healthy options as the default beverages on kids' menus, the new law is a significant milestone in our collective efforts to encourage kids to eat and drink healthy.     

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  • Thanks to bipartisan support in #CA, Healthy-by-Default beverages will now be provided to all children when they order a kids’ meal at a restaurant. #ServeKidsBetter


  • On any given day, 34% of US children eat fast food. Most kids’ meals include a sugary drink. #CA is working to change this. #ServeKidsBetter @Voices4HK


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