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Breaking News: Milwaukee Passes Complete Streets Policy

Breaking news from Milwaukee, WI! The City of Milwaukee has passed a complete streets policy that will help make streets safer for people walking, taking transit, biking or driving!


The policy will increase safety and mobility and help curb reckless driving. It will:

  • Ensure streets are designed for people and safety first.
  • Create a process for more robust community input on street design.
  • Ensure that the benefits of safe and complete streets are shared among all residents.
  • Create a body to oversee the implementation of the policy.

This policy was developed with input from residents and community leaders to improve health, safety, and mobility for the people of Milwaukee. This includes the Complete Streets Coalition, comprised of 16th Street Community Health Centers, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, Northwest Side CDC, Black Girls Do Bike, American Heart Association, and the Wisconsin Bike Fed.

We are excited to congratulate Wisconsin Bike Fed, a Voices for Healthy Kids grantee, on their role in this progress!

Help us share the news:

  • #Congrats #Milwaukee! Thank you for making streets safer for physical activity! @BikeFed


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