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Blogger Campaign: Active Kids Do Better!

One of the most powerful tools campaigns can use is the power of words—in a new campaign to support P.E. in schools, mommy bloggers have come together to help spread the word about why we need to keep P.E. in schools.


Voices for Healthy Kids is working to make sure all kids have access to physical education, because active kids do better!  And as we continue to support state and local campaigns working to improve and increase access to PE, we also want to make sure we are having a national conversation about the need to ensure physical education as a part of every child’s education. That is where our new blogger campaign comes in! Voices for Healthy Kids has been working with bloggers from across the country to raise the profile of PE and to engage their readers in the conversation. 

PEMomBlogs.jpgResearch shows that PE addresses the needs of the whole child, positively impacting their physical, mental, and emotional health. And since kids spend so much time at school, PE needs to be part of the day! 

Right now we have a unique opportunity to better support PE. Under ESSA (the federal education law), all states must develop a comprehensive plan to ensure all students receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education. 

We’re advocating for physical education to be included in every state’s ESSA plans. With the passage of the federal education bill at the end of 2015, 2017 presents an important opportunity to help drive awareness of the need for local and state action on PE, as State Departments of Education prepare their plans. Unlike previous federal education law, ESSA includes physical education (PE) and health as part of a “well-rounded curriculum” -- this means that for the first time ever, health and PE have access to significant federal funding! But here's the thing: inclusion of health and PE in ESSA is not a mandate. We need to advocate for daily PE to be included as a core component in ESSA plans so that money can be accessed for PE. If PE is not included in the plan, it won't have access to funding!  

We all need to stand up for PE and make sure our states know to include PE in their state education plans! Read and share some of the blog posts below, get involved in the conversation, and check out our toolkitAlso – join us next Wednesday, 4/19, 1pm CT for a #ProtectPE #WellnessWed Twitter Chat with @MomsRising. If you would like chat questions in advance, please contact Stephanie Vaughn

Happy Reading!